My work as a therapist and analyst is informed by classical Jungian concepts as well as by drawing on my psychosynthesis roots. My understanding of human and psychological development, together with an emphasis on attachment patterns are pillars which support my work.


During an initial meeting with the person who is seeking help, we discuss together the nature and commitment of the therapeutic process, the frequency of sessions and fees. We also consider the appropriateness of therapy at this stage in a person life.


Whilst working together, we engage in dialogue and work creatively with guided visualisations, drawing and imagery. I pay particular attention to dreams, images and metaphors as well as to the events of everyday life and their meaning.


My aim is to provide a safe enough environment where the as yet ‘unspoken’ may be heard; where difficult issues may be explored; a place where the past may be explored and a new relationship established with it.


My hope is that the process we engage in together will enable each one to become more at home within themselves; to become fully human and to be able to ‘take their place in the family of people’ (Mary Oliver).

"My hope is to enable people to become more at home within themselves"

My approach